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Two Sonnets

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Here is a poem I wrote for my sister, Katie's wedding in 2019.

We decided on two separate sonnets, and it was a touching occasion indeed and this particular verse form certainly suits the well explored theme of love.

Behold, young love, it standeth here today, So clear to those who know from whom it grows. Their trembling hearts, their eyes do it convey. Who here can doubt when this rare face it shows? Two kindred souls, soon to be united, Our lives have led us here, to this fair sight, First the vows, that see this love requited, Then drink, then feast, and dance right through the night. Eternal cycles bring us here to see A rite as old as chants and starlit fires, In witness borne to what is meant to be Our minds in harmony, a silent choir.   One consciousness, no science can disprove,   Aligned souls in this directed love.

Dear Kate we gather for your precious day, Our faces glow with warmth and affection, You’re good, you’re kind, it’s in all of your ways, It’s this that has brought you and Liam this connection. His family have come from the most distant land, And well known to them is his virtue and grace, You deeply deserve my dear sister’s fair hand, Your union is one we all deeply embrace. So now like the scent of perfumed roses, We collectively share the sweet joy you both give As summer’s breath nature’s bounty discloses, Today we stand still, in the moment, and live.   So long as we have breath and eyes that see,   So long will this day be remembered by thee.

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